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Drawing of hand holding a blue birthday card with an illustration of a giraffe in a party hat licking its own ear from the Wit and Wisdom party animal card collection

Party Animal Birthday Cards

Wit & Wisdom is, for the most part, all about gifts with a wordy twist, but during lockdown, I started designing greeting cards too. And whilst we tend to keep the homewares mostly monochromatic to work with every type of decor, the greeting cards are turning out to be a riot of colour.

These wild party-animal cards are illustrated by yours truly and include a fun fact about the featured creature. They're greeting cards that do a bit more than simply say "happy birthday", there's that little nugget of knowledge included for inquiring minds.

The collection is obviously mainly for kids, but one of the cards may, or may not have been heavily influenced by the fact that we were watching Joey Exotic's docu-drama on Netflix at the time! So I may need to re-visit and re-work that particular card at some point to make it a little less ominous! 😆

They're all listed on our website (link in bio) and available to buy from Thortful so that deals with the inconvenience of having to get down to the postbox on time!



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